Spring Exhibition 2022

New works will be added to the website when we receive them.

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Brenda Malley

Atlantic Breaker

Oil on canvas 80x100 cms (31x39 ins) €4,500 Sold

Brenda Malley

Sky & Sand

Oil on canvas 80x100cms (31x39ins) €4,500 Sold

Brenda Malley

Sky & Sand High Tide

Oil on canvas 50x70cms €2,200

Marian Campbell

After Gauguin

Oil on canvas 101x76cms (36x28ins) €1,500 Sold

Derek Fitzpatrick

Which is Real

Oil on canvas 91x122cms (36x48ins) €3,200

Brenda McArdle

Summer At Last

Oil on board 30x30cms(12x12ins) €600

Brenda McArdle

"When All About Are"

Oil on board 41x64cms (16x25ins) €1,400

Marion Campbell

Colour Fest

Oil on canvas 76x102cms (30x40) €1,500

Marian Campbell

Serenity in Blue

Oil on canvas 69x69 cms (27x27 ins) €795

Padraig Lynch

Dun Laoghaire

Oil on canvas 46x61cms ((18x24ins) €1,900

John Morris

Into The LIght

OIl on board 30x30cms (12x12ins) €575 Sold

Padraig Lynch

Looking Towards The Cooley Mountains

Oil on canvas 35x45cms (14x18ins) €1,800

Bernard Reynolds

Springtime, Virginia Woods, Co. Cavan

Oil on board 51x79cms (20x30ins) €2,000

Mark Eldred

Spring Light, Killarney Bluebell Wood

Oil on board 41x61cms (16x24ins) €2,950 SOLD

Mark Eldred

Bluebell Wood, Killarney

Oil on board 41x61cms (16x24ins) €2,950 Sold SOLD

James MacKeown

The Magazine

Oil on canvas 24x35 cms (9.5x13.5ins) €1,750

James MacKeown

Small Steps

Oil on canvas 54x38cms (21x15ins) €2,300

James MacKeown

The Shirt

Oil on canvas 28x23 cms (11x9 ins) €1,300

James MacKeown

Cows, Morning Snow

Oil on canvas 61x61cms (2424 ins) €3,200

Peter Collis RHA (1929-2012)

Towards The Sally Gap

Oil on canvas 30x36 cms (12x14ins) €2,350

Mat Grogan


Oil on board 26x20 cms(10x8ins) €950

Mat Grogan

Hydrangeas & Mixed Flowers

Oil on board 51x43 cms (20x17ins) €2,900

Ana Duncan


Bronze Ed.1/9 15x31x10cms (6x12x4 ins) €2,200

Ana Duncan

Your Move II

Bronze Ed. 7/9 16x13x13cms (6.5x5x5ins) €2,500

Paul Proud

Cottages, Ficia Lane, Roundstone

Oil on canvas 35x46cms (14x17iins) €1,850

Malachy Cosstello

Summer Walk

OIl on canvas 61x46cms (24x18ins) €1,450

Paul Proud


Oil on canvas 41x51cms (16x20) €1,875

Malachy Costello

Killukin Bridge, Near Carrick-On-Shannon

Oil on canvas 51x76cms (20x30ins) €1,650

Rebekah Mooney

Mandarins & Jugs

Oil on board 91x122 cms (36x48ins) €2,350

Rebekah Mooney

Still Life Green Apples

Oil on board 91x91cms (36x36 ins) €1,650 Sold

Martin Mooney


Oil on board 91x122cms 036x48ins) €20,000

Mat Grogan


Oil on board 12x18cms (5x7ins) €495

Mat Grogan

Pale Hydrangeas

Oil on board 18x12 (7x5ins) €495 Sold

Mat Grogan

Summer Pickings

Oil on board 18x12cms (7x5ins) €495 Sold

Padraig Lynch

Primroses with Clarice Cliff

Oil on board 25x20cms (10x8ins) €1,050

Padraig Lynch


Oil on board 20x15cms (8x10ins) €995

Jennifer Collins

Blue Horizon

Oil on card 14x20cms (5.5x8cms) €195

John Schwatschke

Farm Management

oil on canvas 61x51cms (24x20ins) €1,500

Bob Lynn

Sam's Chair

Oil on canvas 61x76cms (24x30ins) €3,000

Bob Lynn

Farm Laragh

Oil on canvas 53x69cms (21x27ins) €3,000

Brenda Malley

Connemara oil on board 39x39cms 15x15ins Sold

Padraig Lynch

"A Fallen Leaf"

Oil on board 29x24 cms (11.5x9.5ins) €1,050