Autumn Exhibition

Autumn Exhibition from August to 31 October 2021.  New works from artists will be added to the site as we receive them.

Click on an image below for details.

Mike Fitzharris

Dublin Port

Oil on board 142x100 cms

Mike Fitzharris

Olive Harvest

Oil on board 36x36 cms €2,000 Sold

Mike Fitzharris

Still Life

Oil on board 100x70cms

Fergus Lyons

The Silver Branch

Oil on canvas 60x76 cms (24x30ins) €1,500

Rebekah Mooney

Still Life Lemons & Oyster Shell

Oil on board 10x15cms (4x6ns) €250 Sold

Rebekah Mooney

Still Life Apples & Garlic

Oil on board 10x15cms (4x6ns) €250 Sold

Rebekah Mooney

Still Life Green Jar & Pomegranate

Oil on board 15x10cms (6x4ns) €250 Sold

Susan Cronin

Window Sill Bouquet

Oil on board 30x25cms (12x10ins) €850

John Albert Duigenam

Potted Plant

Oil on canvas 40x30cms 16x12 €350 SOLD

Fergus Lyons

Ballinasloe Fair

Oil on canvas 30x49cms (13x19ins) €850

Susan Cronin

Little Sisters

Oil on canvas 40x30cms (16x12ins €785

Susan Cronin

Golden Teddy

Oil on canvas 40x30cms (16x12ins)

Susan Cronin

Pink Poppies

Oil on canvas 46x15cms (18x6ins) €495

Rebekah Mooney

White Rose

Oil on board 15x10cms (6x4ns) €250

Rebekah Mooney

Still Life with Red Apples

Oil on board 10x15cms (4x6ins) €250

Rebekah Mooney

Still Life with green pears

Oil on board 10x15cms (4x6ins) €250

Arthur Maderson

The Upper Pool, Glenshelane

Oil on board 56x76cms 22x30 ins

Graham Knuttel

Three Sheep

Oil on canvas 122x183 cms 48x72ins

Conor O'Connell


Watercolour on paper 30x23cms 12x9ins €295 SOLD

Conor O'Connell

Herald of Summer (Cuckoo)

Watercolour on paper 26x33cms 10x13 ins €295

Ruth Moloney


Oil on canvas 24x36ins

Bob Lynn

Flower Power

Oil on canvas 50x60cms (20x24ins) €2,000

Bob Lynn

Rooftops Above the sea

Oil on canvas 60x76cms €3,000

Bob Lynn


Oil on canvas 30x25cms (12x10ins) €950

Arthur Maderson

Le Marche de Nuit

Oil on board 81x61cms (32x24ins) SOLD

Kelly Hood

Peak A Ewe

Acrylic on canvas 30x20 cms (12x8ins) €395

Kelly Hood

Lady in red

Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 30x30cms 12x12ins €395

Kelly Hood


Acrylic & Mixed Media on canvas 40x40cms (16x16ins) €495

Kelly Hood

The Three Amigos

Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas 40x40 cms (16x16ins) €495

Mark Eldred

The Old Cherry Avenue

Oil on board 40x60 cms (16x24 ins) €2,800 SOLD

Helen McCusker

Abstract 11

Oil on canvas 79x61cms (31x24ins) €2,500

Helen McCusker

Abstract 1

Oil on canvas 60x40cms (24x16ins) €995

Helen McCusker

Blue Abstract

Oil on canvas 84x66cms (33x26ins) €1,850

Jennifer Collins


14x20cms (5.5x8ins) €195 SOLD

Markey Robinson (1918-1999)

Figures Resting

Gouache on card 12x18cms (5x7.5 ins)

Brenda Malley

Coast of Donegal

Oil on canvas 40x40 cms (16x16ins)

Brenda Malley


Oil on canvas 25x20cms (10x8ins)

Brenda Malley

Off The Coast of Clare

Oil on canvas 100x120 cms (39x47ins) €4,500 SOLD

Brenda Malley

Clare Coast

Oil on canvas 90x120 cms €4,500 SOLD

John Morris


Oil on board 80x100cms (32x42ins) €3,250

Vera Gaffney

An Poill Gorm, Easkey

Oil on canvas 50x61cms (20x24ins) €1,850

Mark O'Neill

Pink Carnival

Oil on board 38x56 cms (15x22ins) Sold

Mark O'Neill

The White Peony Bouguet

Oil on board 38x51 cms (15x21 ins)

Arthur Maderson

Night Market

Mixed Media on board 28x24cms (11x9.5ins)

Arthur Maderson

Boules, Le Vigan

Mixed Media 28x23 cms (11x9 ins)

Arthur Maderson

The Market

Oil on board 38x40cms (15x16ins)

Arthur Maderson

Small Talk

Oil on board 20x20cms (8x8ins ) SOLD