Nora Van den Berg

Nora Van den berg

Originally from Switzerland with Swiss and Dutch parents, Nora Vandenberg graduated from Colaiste Ide, Finglas in 1998 with a National Certificate in Art and Design and from the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology with a National Diploma in Fine Art, Painting in 2001.

Nora Vandenberg currently resides and works from San Francisco, California, where she has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions, in addition to her graduate show in Dun Laoghaire in 2001.


“My paintings are tales of my everyday surroundings and a play with paint, colour, form and line. Rather than transcribe the world in its pictorial appearance I randomly place common objects on the working surface and let the painting take a life of its own.

My paintings are not conceptual in the sense that I do not plan a painting out beforehand. Their concept is the act of painting itself. My paintings go through many layers of paint in a loose, gestural manner. I attack the surface with my medium, move paint around, erase it, over-paint it and remain open to valuable accidents and surprises that appear in its process. My paintings are a battle between raw freedom of painting and the conscious though of trying to create a balance and structure in this chaos of shapes, colour and line. With time the paintings create their own realities yet are still clearly a reflection of this world, my world.”


2006 - Leinster Gallery, Dublin
2010 -2011 Reverie, Leinster Gallery, Dublin

2004 The Lowe Gallery, Santa Monica, USA

2004 Melt 2004, The Art Explosion & Studios, San Francisco, USA

2003 The Night Show, The Art Explosion & Studios, San Francisco, USA

2001 No Name, Group Show at the Chapel, Dun Laoghaire

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Oil on canvas 48x60 ins

Untitled 1

12" x 9"

Untitled 3

12" x 9"

Untitled 2

12" x 9"

Untitled 1

12" x 9"

Still Life

Oil on canvas 215x156cms

Blue Box

Oil on canvas 120x150cms