Steve Browning

I always look for interesting composition and light to paint. That's why I enjoy painting in Italy so much. Every corner of Venice has the potential to become a wonderful painting. The fantastic changing light of Italy and the pastel colours of the buildings make it impossible not to be inspired to paint.

I paint quickly, changing composition as I paint. I try to keep everything simple, a limited palette and as few brush strokes as possible. I find the more complicated compositions are often the easier to produce. A few bold marks of colour here and there bring the painting to life and trick the eye into seeing a complicated painting full of detail.

Since I started painting full time I have tried to paint or draw everyday. The more I paint the more confident a painter I become and the more confident paintings I produce.

Steve Browning was born in London in 1955 and studied at the Leicester School of Art and Design. He worked in London as an advertising art director and won many major television, poster and press advertising awards both in the UK and Ireland. He gave up advertising in 2002 to concentrate on painting.

He has exhibited in group exhibitions in London, the RHA and various galleries throughout Ireland. In May 2007 he held his first solo exhibition at the Leinster Gallery.

Steve Browning held his second solo show with the Leinster Gallery 2-16 October 2008.

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Trinity College

Oil on board 16x20ins

Looking down the Liffey

Oil on board 10x14ins

Four Courts

Oil on board 10x14ins



Oil on board 16x20ins